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We are not only the manufacturer, we are your partner。We take the time to understand the unique challenges and context of your project。With on-site solutions, we provide customized services。

An excellent geotechnical platform

With our expertise in geotechnical engineering and a full range of instrument products, RST is ready to build a comprehensive monitoring solution for your next project -- any size。RST is with you。

RST Instruments and sister companiesMeasurand3vGeomaticsSyscom instrumentThe company has formed a platform to take the lead in providing solutions for your geotechnical data and instrumentation needs。

Taken together, the platform is the industry's first surface and subsurface data monitoring and analysis solution with global coverage through subsurface sensors, cloud-based data and satellite technology。

Through innovation, a strong work ethic, a culture that encourages teamwork and continuous improvement, our mission is to be the global industry leader in the engineering, manufacturing and service of geotechnical instruments and data solutions。

We bring trusted geotechnical insights to customers around the world。

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest standards of product and service quality。This is achieved through our quality management system and objectives, and we strive to continuously improve by meeting/exceeding our performance requirements and commitments。The quality function is an integral part of all our daily activities and must always be the focus of attention。Our team ensures that the services we provide comply with contractual, legal and internal quality requirements。Our quality management system is based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and is designed to help our customers assess our ability to meet their requirements。


Security issues

We protect our employees, our customers and the environment。

Always be upright

We keep our promises and fulfill our commitments。

Continuous improvement

We have a passion for excellence。

The team cooperation

We create a positive environment A positive environment of mutual respect。


We strive to achieve zero defects。


We serve our stakeholders with feel。


We are a provider of creative solutions。

Staff development

We are building a successful world class 团队。

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As always, I am very pleased with the quality of instruments and technical support provided by RST。They worked with us from the very beginning of the project to ensure that we were well prepared and equipped for the first use of the RSTAR network。They delivered everything within a tight project time frame, ensuring there were no delays on site and the dive tipper looked as good as new even after 12 months in Thames water!

Richard Lipscomb, BA (Hons) Engineering, Director and Principal Consultant - RL Geotechnical Engineering LTD